6 Journals Report

Topics: Fraud, Plea, GlaxoSmithKline Pages: 5 (1480 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Vinay Kumar Gonagunta
Wilmington University
MAJ 6610
August 15, 2012
Prof. Linda Rinaldi

In an insurance fraud three people were taken in custody for ripping off insurance companies worth $100,000 by filing false paper work. The three accused were a licensed chiropractor, a medical firm owner and a massage therapist. According to the report, these people have worked together to rip off insurance companies out of Cardinal Chiropractic Center in Naples. They have earned more than $100,000 in just one year. These persons have submitted false medical claims to the insurance companies where the treatment has never been done. There were few cases where employees have done the treatment but they did not have a medical license as said by federal and state investigators. Most of the claims were personal injuries protection related to the car accidents. Esmaeeel Samaliazad the first person accused has stealed more than $50,000 and as of now he is being held on a $400,000 bond. The rest of the men, James Greenhut and Feghens Delva were caught in the Palm Beach county and Orange county respectively. All the persons would have to face felony charges. Department of Insurance is still investigating into the case and trying to check if more culprits are involved.

Marino Sandoval and his partner , Nicole Sandoval were caught and sentenced on April 24,2012 in Oakland, California on different immigration, tax charges and Social Security charges associated with the restaurant chain, El Balazo in San Francisco. Mario was termed 41 months of prison and his partner Nicole was sentenced five years of probation and twelve months of community confinement. $2,216,010 was supposed to be paid to Internal Revenue Service(IRS) by the order. According to the reports, they both were operating the restaruants named El Balazo along with Fransico Sandoval who is the brother of Marino Sandoval. Marino and Nicole accepted that they were completely accountable for withholding federal taxes from the staff pay which includes employement and unemployment taxes. The staff pay was under repoted the exact wages to the payroll company as confessed by Nicole Sandoval. The same information provided was used to prepare the tax returns. They acknowledged that based upon their activities, the sum of employment taxes paid to the IRS was understated. Marnio admitted that the staff members who were hired were not legally authorized to work and his spouse Nicole was using Marino SSN and was pleaded guilty for this. In the middle of 2002 and 2007, Nicole submitted a report to social security administration of the staff employee quarterly contribution and salary reports. It included the designations of undocumented alien workers getting pays from their employ. Nicole also self-confessed that the social security numbers provided to the SSN administration were false. He was also ordered to pay $50,000 in restitution to the IRS. Francisco was ordered to pay $50,000 along with the probation for three years for the hiring illegal immigrants and trying to escape payroll taxes.

A Onetime World series champion Lenny Dykstra, a former baseball player was pleaded guilty for a bankruptcy fraud. He was also charged stemming from a scheme to cheat $200,000 in a sports memorabilia, property and household furnishings from his bankruptcy case. He is already serving his time in prison for GTA for assault with a deadly weapon will have to face a sentence of 20 years in the prison for this case.

U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. said “Mr. Dykstra's days of playing games with the public and legal system are over. These convictions should serve as a cautionary tale of a high-flying sports celebrity who tried to manipulate and exploit both his creditors and the bankruptcy laws of the United States" in the federal court. Dykstra have just given one word ansers to the judge in the court of law. Hee...
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