5 Keys That Differentiate Successful and Unsuccessful Business Leaders

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1. Create a feeling of energy, fun and excitement in the organisation Unsuccessful: settle for who you are; accept your limitations; let morale take care of itself.
Many leaders have a great attitude – sometimes known as a “can do” attitude and irrespective of whether they have the skills to do the specific job, they have the inspiration and focus to motivate their team to see the vision and this creates a certain energy that allows all to harness the opportunity. Take a look at a sport coach (this is a form of leadership) and look at the focus required to get their team to be the best they can be and to realise the objective. It is important to set clear goals / objectives for yourself and your team to that the energy is channelled on achieving that objective. Never take your eyes off the goal. Yes, you may want to refine, reflect and re-visit that objective, yet do it with an informed and comprehensive approach. Working in a fun environment doesn’t mean we have a party every day. It means we value our time at work and as leaders we create an enjoyable experience for each of the team. Recruitment of the right person for the right job goes a long way with achieving the best fit and with that comes the opportunity to have that fun environment. A fun environment contributes to the team's results and retention. 2. Be a good communicator and listen more than you talk

Unsuccessful: limit the information you pass on, fill your calendar 24/7 Let’s make a connection.
Be Interested: People are interesting if we only give them the chance.... our choice is to truly engage in those opening moments of a conversation which can make or break all that follows. Listen Intently: When we truly listen it shows that we value the other person and what they say. Listen also to what is not said. Ask Questions :Remember the goal is to create a connection, nor just a forgettable conversation. Rapport Percentages: When we build rapport we are in a state of trust and responsiveness. It’s not just your words that are heard. Words make up only 7%. How you say it makes up 38% through tonality. 55% is from our physicality – our body language – such as hands folded across the chest indicating a barrier or perhaps protection. Stretch your observance muscle! Be Genuine: I am truly genuine with myself and my interaction with other people. When I speak my truth – coming from a pure heart, without judgment and stating how I feel, I free myself by speaking how it is for me. I am my authentic self in how I respond to the other person. Communication begins with You: I believe every person is interesting. 3. Encourage creativity and innovation

Unsuccessful: Creativity causes problems; let time get the best of you; allow roadblocks to be a barrier to achievement By reviewing policy, procedures and processes every year or two allows for reflection and an opportunity to drill down on KPI (key performance indicator) measurement. There is always a chance that your process is running well and only minor tweaks are required. When new employees join your team, ask them to give you some feedback on what it is that they were impressed with, and conversely, what process could be improved. Fresh eyes coming into a business can give you the leader an opportunity to also access the potential of the new person and how they comprehend the business. Leaders who find and create meaningful challenges for their staff often collect the rewards. As leaders we enjoy a challenge and many of our staff feels the same way. Offer support and encouragement and allow their creativity to unfold. As with all tasks, make sure it is appropriate, has a timeframe, explores the advantages and disadvantages, and have them put forward a recommendation based on their innovation. This is also a wonderful chance to develop potential leaders and managers. Be a creator and innovator and the think...
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