5 Important School and Statutory Framework

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Thousands of Muslims were becoming followers of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Khawaja Raushan was a very respected Muslim Faqir with thousands of people visiting him to pay him respect and get boons. However Khawaja Raushan’s own mind was restless, he was in search of a true Guru. Once a friend told him about Guru Ji, Khawaja Raushan reached Kiratpur and met Guru JI. When he heard Guru Ji’s he was so impressed that he decided to stay at Kiratpur. He became an admirer of Guru Sahib; he started doing Seva of Guru Ji’s horses. One day Guru Ji went out for riding his horse, Khawaja Raushan ran behind Guru Ji in Bairag. He ran more than a mile after Guru Ji, who then dismounted his horse and embraced Khawaja Raushan with great love. Guru Ji then gave Khawaja Raushan Charan Amrit and Naam as well as spiritual Gian and sent him to Doaba to preach Sikhi.Khawaja Raushan was going from one village to another for preaching Sikhi, one day he met Sayyad Jaani Shah who was wandering in search of bliss. Jaani Shah had met many Sadhus and Faqirs but could not get spiritual Gian from anyone. Khawaja Raushan told him he should go to Kiratpur to achieve your aim. Firstly Jaani Shah did not believe him but when Khawaja Raushan told his story he was determined to go. When he reached Kiratpur and sat in front of the door of Guru Ji’s house and cried loudly “Janni Ko Jaani Milaa Do (Let Jaani meet his dear one )”.
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