5 Great Elements

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The 5 Great Elements

The 5 Great Elements
I think we can all agree that “spirituality” means something different to everyone. For some, it's about participating in organized religion: going to church on Sunday or attending a Bible Study on a Thursday night. Individuals also differentiate themselves from one another not just by the meaning, but also by our beliefs. I grew up attending a private Lutheran school system. Although you can find The Five Great Elements throughout scripture, it didn’t define who or what the Lutheran religion was about. In terms of The Five Great Elements, the physical body is the least important, although it is made up of all five elements. The entire universe is believed to be made up of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Space. Air

Air is the gaseous form of matter, which is mobile and dynamic. Within the body, air (oxygen) is the basis for all energy transfer reactions. It is a key Element required for Fire to burn. Air is existence without form ("The 5 Great Elements," 2010). This element is present in several of this week’s reviewed artwork collection. In the Adoption of the Human Race and St. Basil’s Cathedral, both pieces show the human body in the physical form. In order for the physical body to sustain life, air is present to fill our lungs and keep us breathing. In The Creation of Adam the entire scene is done in the sky. This piece is believed to depict God breathing life into Adam using the element of air. I would also include Eiffel Tower View, The Colorado River, and Mountain Climber as pieces that all contain and include this element as well. Fire

Fire is the power to transform solids into liquids, to gases, and then back to its original form again. In other words, it possesses power to transform the state of any substance. Within our bodies, the fire or energy binds the atoms together. It also converts food to fat (stored energy) and muscle. Fire transforms food into energy. It creates the impulses of nervous...
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