3d Ic Technology

Topics: Integrated circuit, Three-dimensional integrated circuit, Semiconductor device fabrication Pages: 7 (2033 words) Published: January 3, 2013

There are several development initiatives involving form factor of IC technology, with the much spoken-about difficulty of progressing along the Moore’s curve. 3D IC technology assures higher levels of miniaturization and integration, focuses on portraying advances in interconnect technologies, and a reduction of interconnect delays. 3D IC technologies guarantee a significant increase in functionality and performance of components by a heterogeneous integration of materials, devices, and signals. “The adoption of 3D ICs integration technology in different applications is likely to be driven by its capability to reduce process cost, enhance interconnect density, and offer smaller form factors,” notes the analyst of this research. “Although through silicon vias (TSV) has categorically evolved to be a highly competent solution for performance when gauged with conventional interconnect technologies, the industry is still in the process of establishing it as a commercially viable solution for dominant penetration in diverse application sectors.” Currently, the industry is in a position to leverage the capabilities of 3D IC solutions in the image sensors market. Memory stacking is next in line with image sensors in terms of adoption of 3D IC technologies. At the bottom rung, 3D IC solutions will find opportunities in applications that involve homogeneous integration, while scientists are working toward a technology for applications that need heterogeneous integration of wafers.

This paper titled 3D IC Technology- AN ADVANCEMENT IN VLSI provides an insight into the technology development scenario of three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) technologies. This research service also provides a detailed review of the key developmental efforts around the globe, funding scenario, patent analysis, and insights into the key growth patterns that mark the evolution of 3D IC technologies in the industrial space.

As the entire 3D IC technology is focusing on wafer stacking, development efforts around the globe are striving to resolve challenges associated with the silicon on insulator (SOI) domain. The industry is also determined to establish an appropriate performance guideline to enable it to choose between the ‘via first’ and the ‘via last’ approaches. The ability to handle thin wafer, proper bonding technologies for heterogeneous bonding, along with reducing the costs associated with the TSV process are some other critical issues that need to be addressed. “Despite widespread industrial efforts in the 3D IC domain, fundamental technology challenges continue to exist,” notes the analyst. “However, the technology space is collaboratively striving to resolve them.”

The need of the hour is to establish clear performance metrics for all the evolving processes. For instance, in the case of TSV, the industry has explored aspects, such as the cost of operation (COO) of the process, but lacks a proper standard to gauge the performance of a specific process established by a development group. This will help participants know the real capabilities of their offering on a global platform. “The next decade of 3D IC evolution will significantly rely on the industry’s capability to develop a performance standard for the various segments of 3D IC domain, that are currently being explored,” concludes the analyst.

2. What is 3D-IC ?
An exciting new development in IC manufacturing is the Three-Dimensional Integrated Circuit (3D-IC), It is a single circuit built by stacking and integrating separately-built layers. Although the technology is chiefly noted for its increased density, speed, and power conservation, it also offers unique security advantages. With rare exceptions, the layers of a 3D-IC are manufactured on separate substrates and then stacked. Each substrate is aggressively thinned. The...
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