30 Ways to Win a Girls Heart.

Topics: Mona Lisa, Language, Learning Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: January 11, 2009
My first period teacher’s name is Mrs. Mcneill in that class we learn about different languages and different countries. The first thing that ever learned in her class was how to say the greetings in Spanish. The first word we learned was hola which means hello but most of us already knew that. SOME OF THE THINGS THAT THEY DO IN SPAIN IS PRETTY CRAZY LIKE RUNNING AWAY FROM A HERD OF BULL THAT WOULD BE SCARY.The language that we learned after was French. What’s cool about france is all of the thing that are there like the museum that one of the biggest one in the world which holds the mona lisa. Also in france is the eiffile tower and that really cool. One of the words that I think is really cool is how to say no (nine).Sign language was the next one in that class and It was probably one of the most boring language, but now I know how to say stuff like dog, party, dance, and fly.After sign language we learned German I thought that was cool cause one of my moms side of the family is German. IN GERMAN THEY LIKE TO ALMOST HOCK A LOGIE WHEN THEY SPEAK BUT THEY DON’T IM SURE. THIS LANGUAGE WAS PROBABLY ONE OF THE FUN ONE THAT I HAD BECAUSE THERE LANGUAGE IS WEIRD SO ITS KINDA COOL TO SPEAK. LIKE TO SAY GOOD MORNING YOU SAY GUTEN MORGEN BUT ITS EASY CAUSE IT SOUNDS SIMILAR TO ENGLISH.ITALIAN WAS KINDA HARD BUT IT WAS WASY CAUSE IT WAS SIMILAR TO SPANISH. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT ITALY IS THAT IT HAS A LOT OF MONUMENTS TO LEARN ABOUT LIKE THE LEANING TOWER OF PISA, AND THE COLLISIUM. ALSO IN FRANCE ONE OF THE CITIES NAMED VENICE THE ROADS ARE ALL RIVERS.RIGHT KNOW IM LEARNING ABOUT JAPENSE AND ITS KINDA COOL LIKE THE WORDS ARE DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER LANGUAGE I HAVE LEARNED SO FAR. SOME OF THE COLORS ARE COOL TO SAY LIKE PURPLE IS MURASAKI IRO, AND PINK IS PINKU AND ITS COOL TO SAY THEM WHEN YOU GET BORED.AFTER JAPANESE I WANT TO LEARN SOME SWEDISH CAUSE THAT’S MY DADS AND MY HERITAGE FROM HIS SIDE OF THE FAMILY.AND THAT’S ALL I HAVE PRETTY MUCH LEARED IN THIS CLASS...
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