Describe How to Adapt Communication to Meet Different Communication Needs.

Topics: Nonviolent Communication, Nonverbal communication, Deaf culture Pages: 2 (288 words) Published: June 25, 2013
3.4 Describe how to adapt communication to meet different communication needs.

When in placement it may be necessary to adapt the way in which we

communicate with adults or children as they might have a few difficulties. When

communicating with people in the school whether its the adults, children or parents

we need to think about the following..
- Is english their second language?
- Do they have a hearing impairment or deaf?
- Do they have a disability?
- Are they special education needs?
- Do they have poor vision, or maybe blind?
We would need to adapt the way that we communicate if they have any of the

above as good communication is vital and we don't any misunderstandings. To

help with communicating with children with any of those difficulties you could try the

- Pictures, photographs, flashcards. This is a brilliant way to help the child if they're

deaf. You could hold up pictures to show what you're doing today as an example. - You could use sign language. This is getting more and more common in schools

now as we're teaching the children for future incountments with deaf people.

Signing is a great way for the children and adults to communicate. - Facial expessions, gestures and eye contact will help you communicate with

people as even if they don't understand they might have an idea through your

communication skills.
- Speak clearly and slow. This will help people with hearing imparements and even

people who're deaf as it'll be easier to lip read.

A good way to gather information about the child is to send home letters or emails.

This happens a lot as sometimes its a lot easier than just speaking to them. It

avoids confusiona and misunderstanding also.
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