30 Argumentative Topics

Topics: High school, College, Human rights Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Thirty Topic Suggestions: Argument and Persuasion
1. Dieting makes people fat.
2. Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage.
3. The war on terror has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights. 4. High school graduates should take a year off before entering college. 5. All citizens should be required by law to vote.

6. All forms of government welfare should be abolished.
7. Both parents should assume equal responsibility in raising a child. 8. Americans should have more holidays and longer vacations. 9. Participating in team sports helps to develop good character. 10. The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal. 11. People have become overly dependent on technology.

12. Censorship is sometimes justified.
13. Privacy is not the most important right.
14. Drunk drivers should be imprisoned on the first offense. 15. The lost art of letter-writing deserves to be revived. 16. Government and military personnel should have the right to strike. 17. Most study-abroad programs should be renamed "party abroad": they are a waste of time and money 18. The continuing decline of CD sales along with the rapid growth of music downloads signals a new era of innovation in popular music. 19. College students should have complete freedom to choose their own courses. 20. The solution to the impending crisis in Social Security is the immediate elimination of this anachronistic government program. 21. The primary mission of colleges and universities is preparing students for the workforce. 22. Financial incentives should be offered to high school students who perform well on standardized tests. 23. All students in high school and college should be required to take at least two years of a foreign language. 24. College students in the U.S. should be offered financial incentives to graduate in three years rather than four. 25. College athletes should be exempted from normal class attendance policies....
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