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Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Childbirth Pages: 7 (2594 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Jayleen Gutierrez
Nathanial Bork
PHI 21st
March 2013

Why Abortion is Immoral

In my paper I will be discussing and arguing against abortion. This subject can be a sensitive subject for many, depending on how one feels about it. I have always been against abortions will always be against such act. It is morally wrong in my eyes, regardless of the circumstances. My essay will set out an argument that will show a meaning, as well as any other argument in ethics that can show that abortion is, seriously immoral and that it falls under the same moral category as killing an innocent individual, human being.

Many individuals that are not against abortions and fight for “abortion rights” often argue that a woman has a right to make a choice on what occurs within her body. The tacit assumption here, indeed, is that an abortion only involves the body of a woman and not the body of any other individual, such as that of the “fetus”. The tendency in this matter is to refer the fetus as an extension to a female’s body, at least until it comes to a point and stage of viability, if not all the way to the point of birth. However, is such a position defensible?

How can one argue and question if a fetus is an actual human being or not. I believe that when a woman comes to face an unplanned pregnancy her main question is not “Is this a baby” with the assumed consequence that if she is aware that this is indeed a fact and is true, she will chose life. All women are aware and know, though often at the subconscious level, that a fetus is indeed a human being and that an unborn baby will be killed at abortion. Furthermore, that is the price a woman in such situation is willing to pay in her desperate struggle for what she believes to be her very survival. Emphasis on babies, whether it is a dismembered fetus or a happily newborn baby, will often deepen a woman’s sense of denial, isolation and despair, the exact same emotions and feeling that will lead the woman to choose to proceed with having an abortion. A female’s main and perhaps subconscious question is rather “How can I preserve my own life”. I believe that nothing good comes when a women encounters an unplanned pregnancy; a female must then weigh out and consider, then decide what will follow, which will then be an abortion, adoption or motherhood.

The process in which a baby is formed is amazing in my eyes, at such an early stage a baby is pretty much fully developed. At only three weeks after conception the embryo, which to my knowledge is a baby; it’s heart begins to beat. Only two weeks after that a babies body begins to form, tiny arm and leg buds are developed; hands with webs between the fingers have formed at the end of the arm buds, finger prints are detectable and the face has a distinctly reptilian aspect. At six weeks the baby has two eyes on each side of its head; the front of the face has connected slits where the nose and mouth will eventually be. When the baby is then eight weeks, parts of the brain have begun to develop and at ten weeks the face looks human and the gender may be detectible via ultrasound. Now, at 13 weeks, the baby is three inches long and weighs about an ounce. Fingernails and bones have now been formed and can be seen. Over ninety percent of all abortions take place approximate around this time. How can a female take place in such a cruel act by killing their own baby when their unborn has developed to this stage? Knowing this information, how can someone still question it and ask if a fetus or an embryo is a human being? Of course it is! I was born in a Christian home and with many beliefs, which the average individual may not have or believe in. Christians believe that God implants a soul in a women’s body during the conception process. I was brought up and raised believing and being taught that an abortion is against God’s rules and that if one would commit...
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