3:4 Support Children and Young Peoples Health and Safety

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3:4 Support children and young people's health and safety

learning outcome 1: Understand how to provide environments and services that support children and people's health and safety.

1:1Describe the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services.

It is important when planning and setting up learning activities that indoor and outdoor environments are hazard free and that staff and pupils will be able to work safely. The following factors must be taken into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services;

• light:
The lighting needs to be bright for indoor learning. It helps pupils and staff stay alert and has less environmental blocks to their learning. Lighting in indoor classrooms and assembly halls needs to be adjustable for media presentations and sunny days. Window blinds or curtains need to be in working order and easily accessed for quick use so as not to interrupt with lesson time. Flickering lights need prompt action. This may cause anyone with epilepsy to have a fit, be annoying to both pupils and staff and affect the learning environment negatively.

Needs to be adjustable. Windows must be in working order. So a pleasant classroom environment is possible. It should not be too hot in temperature as this helps the spread of colds, coughs and other bugs.

• Noise:
Schools are all built according to what the thinking was at the time of it being built. Some schools were built with open plan classrooms. This may cause problems with noise. If it is possible sliding doors should be installed and used to patrician the classroom off. If this isn't possible different areas of the classroom can be used for different activities. For example when using the interactive white board the pupils could gather round it on the floor. When explaining a lesson pupils could sit round the teacher then go to their desks and do the work. Some schools were built near roads trees could be planted outside as a sound barrier and classrooms could be sound proofed and double glazed.

• Individual needs:
Such as pregnancy of staff. For example they would not be left to do any heavy lifting and would have easy access to a chair in the classroom as needed. Breast feeding staff are by law allowed time to express their milk. This would need to be taken into consideration when planning activities during the day to ensure the class has enough staff cover. Disabilities of staff and pupils should be catered for. For example, use of outdoor ramps for building access. The age, abilities and needs of the children you are working need to be considered. Any children with special educational needs (SEN) need to be catered for each lesson in regard to the environment. For example a staff member must be with a SEN pupil at all times.


which needs to be fit for purpose whether for indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor equipment needs to be securely stored and weather proofed yet easily accessible. Equipment needs to be efficiently and safely stored. For example any chemicals need to be stored in a locked cupboard. Schools have a no bleach policy so no bleach containing products must be brought into school. Equipment in the classroom must be non-toxic. For example; pens, paint and blue tact. Equipment must be marked with safety marks and be from a reputable retailer. Unused plug sockets need covers in place for safety. Furniture mustn't be placed over wires as to cause an unsafe environment. Equipment must be in good working order. Flooring and outdoor play areas all need to be in good working order and so not being a hazard. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested to say it is safe and must be retested each year. So no electrical equipment can be brought into school to use unless it will be checked before use. There must be a school camera that stays in school for child protection reasons. Equipment needs to be the...
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