Classroom Setup

Topics: Education, Light, Temperature Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: August 5, 2012
Assignment 2
As a classroom teacher I look forward to the freedom when setting up my room for the first time. I hope that my style will help my students learn to their greatest ability. As a teacher one would only want to enhance their students leaning. Trying to create a room that will encompass good physical and positive learning will be a challenge. Putting my personal preferences aside and gearing my room toward the students and their learning will take great effort.

The physical aspects of a room which I would view as ideal would consist of many different areas. I would prefer a rectangular shaped room. This would allow visibility of all areas of the room at one glance. There would be nowhere to hide! I would also like a window that allows natural light to come through. I hear that this is helpful to students, yet, I do not know why. However I would also like blinds on this window so I could have control over the lights for certain activities. Effective lighting is also an essential in my ideal classroom. In order for students to read and write at their best this would be vital. I also believe students work well in an environment that is or appears to be clean and has been taken care of as far as repairs are concerned. Temperature is also a feature students and teachers both, focus on if not adequate. Temperature must be comfortable especially for the student. Cold temperature does not only keep the student awake but also unfocused on the task at hand. Comfortable temperature is key to keeping the student focused on the task at hand.

Technology is also a key component in today’s classroom. Televisions, DVDs, and computers are all familiar to students. These outlets can be used to enhance learning and bring education to a place students can relate to.

A classroom should also be aesthetically pleasing. By catering to the interests of your students a teacher’s room can become visually interesting and familiar, this putting the...
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