21st Century and Failure

Topics: 21st century, Success, Future Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Jaime Gonzalez
April 16, 2013
English 101
Mr. Holland
“I am fueled by all forms of failure; I’ve paid the price so I’ll take what is mine.” A quote once said to me by a close and dear friend. I came to realize that this very quote is the stature and foundation to the “American dream.” A life filled with repeated punishment and despair can be the catalyst to striving for a better tomorrow. The morals and lessons endured throughout our failures are key to the prosperity of a successful future. Although, some have success thrust upon them, the ability to overcome sheer disappointment can only be achieved by one’s self experiences. Many people throughout society have a basic expectation of your future success depending on your race, environment, education, gender, and/or background. Expectations alone are an excuse for the majority of society today, because for many they are so little so they choose to maintain their harsh lifestyle. But the ability to surpass the expectations handed to you is a rare accomplishment in this day in age. Failure is the origin to success.

Andrew Solomon, author of Depression, claims, “We are angry about being ripped from the comfortable wound, and as soon as that rage fades, distress comes to take its place.”(228). As younger generations are benefitted with the advancements of technology, self-achievement becomes less and less prioritized. The establishment of a stress-free life has been placed for most of the population in our technogically advanced society. For some of us it is difficult to lose the privileges of being in a comfortable and simple world, because the idea of failure is one usually never thought of. As the 21st century rolls on, the world of innovating is not regarded as highly significant, considering most people throughout society don’t have the need to participate. Yes, it is easier to be set up for success, but the challenges of failure come to reward all who choose to seek the harsh reality of...
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