2008-2009 Bipac Market Research Report

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2008-2009 BIPAC Market Research Report
April 8, 2012

2008-2009 BIPAC Market Research Report
“BIPAC is an independent and bipartisan organization with members consisting of businesses and trade associations that, among other activities, provides its members with factual information about key issues that are likely to have an impact on business, and in turn, its members provide this information (such as voting records) to their employees or constituents, usually through a government affairs website or department.” (Minerva Marketing (2008).) BIPAC has a “Prosperity Project” that was designed to drive any organization’s grassroots strategy using website and other informational reports to get the word out to the employees. The survey that was conducted tells, from the employees as well as other information, how well their efforts are in getting the information to the employees and changing the way that the employees think and act in voting, etc. This survey was done in a partnership between Minerva Marketing, LLC. And BIPAC. “BIPAC provides those participating in the Prosperity Project websites with the tools, strategies, and infrastructure for communicating their pro-business messages. These members then give this information to their employees.” (Minerva Marketing (20080. ) There were some key findings that were concluded from the answers to this survey that we will go through.

The first key finding that was discovered from the survey conducted in partnership with Minerva Marketing, LLC. And BIPAC was that the employer messages increased voting. “When asked specifically about how or whether the Prosperity Project information their employer provides directly affect their voting patterns, the numbers indicate that employer messages are having a clear impact – 20.8 percent of respondents indicated that the information they received from their employers directly led them to vote “more often” or “somewhat more often.” (Minerva Marketing. (2008). ) Through this finding and most other answers and findings in this survey given, BIPAC and Minerva Marketing used primary data. Primary data is data that is collected specifically for this particular purpose and project. Through the use of primary data collection there are two ways that this type of data can be collected. Data can be collected through means of communication. This comes in the way of surveys or questionnaires that can be given orally or some type of written survey, which was the instance in this case. Also used in this case there are observational means of obtaining the primary data by looking at the voting records to determine and see the differences in action from before and after the information was set in motion.

A second key finding that was used in this survey and data collection process was that frequency differs from credibility. As mentioned before, BIPAC supports many businesses that are involved in the Prosperity Project and supplies the needed information to them. The employers then take the information given to them by BIPAC and they distribute the information to their employees. Through the survey, TV, radio, and newspaper ranked the highest as the most used outlets for information on voting decisions with 88.1 percent. Second was the internet with 68.1 percent followed by political parties at 42.6 percent and employers at 28.8 percent, and last were labor unions with 5 percent. Notice here that the “employers” category was second to last with only 28.8 percent. Without the survey and the information that was decided on to be beneficial to collect, the employers would not look to be a very good category to get voting decision ideas from, would it? With this question being in the survey it is concluded that the employees who get the information from their employers said that this information had a much higher credibility than other forms of advertising such as TV and newspapers. For this reason we see that more companies need...
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