How to Fix American Capitalism

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How can we fix American Capitalism?

How can we rescue American Capitalism from its current problems? The first thing to do to fix American capitalism is to know what capitalism is. Capitalism is an economic system market by private ownership, in which a free market distributes good. Although capitalism helped out the lives of citizens in America during a very bad economic time, it hasn’t always helped Americans. There are billions of people in our country that need help each and every day, but they are stuck in poverty. Government and non-profit organizations play a very important role in helping the billions of Americans that need help each day. However, if the government (or non-profits) were to work individually, it would take two to three times longer to help.

There are many types of capitalism but the main ones that mostly everyone knows are free-market capitalism, state capitalism, and social market economy. Free-market capitalism is a free-price system where demand and supply are allowed to reach equality without the government interfering. State capitalism consists of a state-ownership of profit-seekers that operate very capitalistic in a market economy. Social market economy acts as a free-market, normally, where the government intervention in price formation is kept to a minimum but the state provides for moderate to extensive provision of social security, unemployment benefits, and recognition of labor rights through collective bargaining schemes.

One problem that many Americans think is wrong with capitalism is that it fails to respond to the needs of people. A solution to fix this problem would be to open up companies to let the people speak up and say the things that are truly going wrong. Although companies do allow these meetings to happen approximately once a year, the people don’t always get heard to the full extent that they should. When Americans do speak up, only about one-quarter of it gets heard and gets put to use. If we would all listen to each other and work together, then we would accomplish so much more. Corporations have the ability to make technologies that could help out so many Americans living in poverty and if we could find a way to work with corporations, we would accomplish so much and would lessen the amount of Americans living in poverty.

There are many non-profit organizations that are helping the millions of Americans that are living in poverty today. The (RED) campaign has generated over one hundred million dollars for the global fund to help fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and Malaria. (RED) has helped nearly 80,000 people living in poor, developing countries on drugs that are helping save their lives and also helping nearly 1.6 million people get tested for HIV and are helping them through their struggles (How to Fix Capitalism). Another example of a non-profit organization that is helping out Americans is the Armed Services YMCA. This non-profit organization helps out military families. Many military families struggle, especially when one or both parents that are stationed overseas. They do bread drives every Friday where any military family can come in every Friday and get free bread. If there were more non-profit organizations out there that would work together to help out the people living in poverty or just need help in general, our country would be far better off.

In the article How To Fix Capitalism by Bill Gates, he talks about many different ways to fix capitalism. Bill Gates says that the world is getting a lot better than it used to be. He goes on to say that the problem is not getting better fast enough and it is not getting better for everyone. There are currently approximately one billion people who are living off of one dollar a day. These people don’t have enough nutritious food, clean water, or even electricity. These are all things that we all take for granted. Instead of us Americans focusing all of our time and energy trying to get the newest iPhone or the...
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