13 Ingredients of a Winning Thesis Proposal

Topics: Scientific method, Methodology, Definition Pages: 3 (681 words) Published: October 4, 2012
13 Ingredients of a Winning Thesis Proposal
1. Introduction (1-2 pages)
If you are required to write an introduction, write it so it captures the reader’s interest in this overview. It does not have to be perfect. You can write this section last. Your best overview of you project most likely will come after you have written the other sections of your proposal. 2. Problem Statement

First formulate a research question. Next restate the question in the form of a statement: note the adverse consequences of the problem. The type of study determines the kinds of question you should formulate, such as Is there something wrong in society, theoretically unclear or in dispute, or historically worth studying? Is there a program, drug, project, or product that needs evaluation? What do you intend to create or produce and how will it be of value to you and society? 3. Background

Capture the reader’s interest and convince him/her of the significance of the problem. Give at least three reasons why the problem you have chosen is important to you and society, and specify at least two concrete examples of the problem. 4. Purpose

Begin with “The purpose of this study is to…” change, interpret, understand, evaluate, or analyze the problem. State your thesis goal completely. Remember, it should be some form of investigative activity. 5. Significance

Focus on the benefits of your study not the research problem. Place yourself in the position of responding to someone who says “so what?” Provide a persuasive rationale for your argument by answering the following questions: Why is your study important? To whom is it important? What can happen to society, or theory, or a program if the study is done or not done? 6. Methodology

Describe in technical language your research perspective and your past, present, or possible future points of view. List three research methodologies you could use, and describe why each might be appropriate and feasible. Select the most viable method. 7....
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