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Topics: Jury, Judge, Short story Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 20, 2012
In the short story, 12 Angry Men, there are multiple similarities and several differences from what is in the movie. In fact, there are more differences than there are similarities. Some of the differences really change the movie from the book.

In the opening act of the short story, there is a narration that states that the judge is a male. In the opening act of the movie, you can see that the judge is not a male. Also, in the story, the judge seems quite a bit more serious about making the jurors really think about what is going on and having them be conscience about the fact that if there is at all any doubt then they will have to vote ‘not guilty.’ In the movie, the judge plainly says you, jurors, have to think about how the actions you take are going to affect the defendant.

During deliberation there are multiple occasions where there are similarities between the story and the movie. One occasion, how the juror members are sitting around the table in order. Another, how #3 is still a sadist. Also, juror #7 is very obnoxious and wants to leave early because he has places to go. The jurors’ votes are the same in the book and the movie. The first, second, third, and fourth vote remain the same throughout both of them. Another similarity is how the jurors think that #3 is ignorant due to the fact that he is a sadist and only wants to convict the boy of his charge so the boy can suffer.

There are also several differences during deliberation in the short story and the movie version of 12 Angry Men. For one example, in the story the foreman did not seem like he was in control at all and throughout the movie he was in more control. There were a lot of arguments and confrontations among the jurors during deliberation and the man that broke it up and calmed everyone down was the foreman. Another example, during the movie the jurors don’t truly care that much about the case. They are extremely sarcastic and they call #5 out and say that he is ‘soft’ just...
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