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Topics: Jury, Not proven, Justice Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: August 4, 2012
For generations, plays have been passed down how they entertain, and also how they guide the audience. It is through dramatic techniques in which move audiences, allowing them to have an insight and appreciation of the playwright’s issues. ‘The Twelve Angry Men’ is a prime example, as it uses its techniques to raise the play’s key ideas on prejudice in the court of jury, educate viewers on the triumph of justice, and emphasising the theme of conviction of the story. Prejudice is seen as one crucial issue in constituting a verdict for the jury, as two of the jurors are biased against the suspect of the murder. Language and characterisation of the jurors is crucial techniques in which Reginald uses to convey the bitterness of one of the jurors, Juror #10. In the play, he states “Look, you know how these people lie! It's born in them!” halfway through the play, displaying his racial prejudice towards the suspect of murder; generalising slum people as those who “…you cannot trust”. The use of characterisation and speech, allows the audience to recognise the prejudice in the jury some that is justifiable. Tension is also another dramatic technique used to convey the Juror #3 bias against the boy because of his own relationship with his son who “…didn’t know how to fight”. This technique shows the conflicts between him and Juror #8; every time Juror #8 brings up an argument, Juror #3 always rebuts with biased statements, bringing the tension up. However, this tension is always brought down by some a change in stage direction. Shown in ACT II, Juror #2 “moves to the window” after arguing with Juror #8; allowing the play’s audience to perceive Juror #8 as someone who is not biased against the murder suspect, displaying him as someone who was doing the right thing. Characterisation is another technique used to let audiences understand a fundamental issue of the play; the triumph of justice. Throughout the play, Juror #8 is represented as the one of fair justice through...
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