101 Things to Do Before I Die

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12 February 2011
101 Things to do before I die

My journey will take approximately seventy years to complete, as I plan to kick the bucket at the age of eighty nine! I will of course need to go to rest as I plan to live a very full life. So many things to do and so little time! To write the story of your life before you lived it is somehow awkward. I have to close my eyes and dream of this, once a little girl who just turned eighteen! I dream of a beautiful life full of fun, joy, love and laughter. Ingredients for one big adventure.

As a very adventurous person I will do things out of the ordinary! I was once analysed and realised that my view of life and the challenges that lies ahead excite me so much! It will definitely be a life sought after! One of my “want-to-do’s” is definitely to go bungee-jumping with my cousin Carmen. We will then top it up with a sky dive! Did I mention a space trip? I might just be the first woman to set foot on the moon. I would like to meet a vampire, see all Seven Wonders of the World, receive my pilot licence, learn to surf and be the owner of a “Hippie Van”, with psychedelic flowers painted all ove,r in all the colours of the rainbow. I do believe that you should dream of a beautiful and fruitful life. If you have a great healthy mindset about your future, you can be sure it will be will be met by divine appointments on a long journey! People are very important to me; it will determine whether my journey will be a happy one or a sad one. I choose to be on the lookout for people who will evitable play a major part to colour my world! A recent trip to Germany widened my horizons. I was extremely fortunate to spend five weeks with a German family in Flensburg. It was the most wonderful opportunity to travel to a far country almost all by myself. I would definitely like to travel to Europe again, as there are many spectacular places to visit. On my list of things to do before I die, I want to do a course in coaching...
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