Three Things I Want to Do Before I Die

Topics: Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry, American Broadcasting Company Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Three things I want to do before I die.

I’m going to talk about three things I want to do before I die. There are more than three, but If I have to chose, I say that I want to go south America, meet the actress from desperate housewives which is American drama, and find someone whom I truly love. Firstly, I’m going to talk about why I want to go South America. There’re two reasons to support this. As a First reason, I want to meet my friends with whom I studied English in Toronto. We still keep in touch. Especially, I want to go Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia, and Brazil, also I want to go Panama, and Dominica even though they aren’t South America. It’s difficult to go all of them, but before I die, I want to go at least 1 or 2 countries. For Second reason, some of countries are dangerous to visit by alone, but they say it’s ok if I trip with local friends because they know where to avoid due to its unsafe piece.

Secondly, I want to meet some American actresses from desperate housewives. Desperate Housewives is an American television comedy-drama series created by Marc Cherry, and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. I’ve been encouraged by it, since I stacked my life. My life was so drab, and I felt as if I was living in a small would. It shows American life style in drama, and its very difference from mine and it’s very interesting for me. That’s why I started to keep watch it. Also, its characters are very attractive. Their appearance are fashionable, also their personality are very unique and optimistic. I used to be pessimistic and shy, but made change me. I started copy them, and now I’m a biggest fan of them. Susan, Lynette, Bree, Gabrielle, Edie, Katherine, they are all stunning!

Thirdly, before I die, I want to find someone I truly love. As for me it’s not easy to find a true love because I’m picky and I’m not a common woman like others. I consider a true love is to be willing sacrifice for someone even my life. Remember the...
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