7 Things to Do Before the End of the World

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7 Best Things to do Before the End of the World

According to the prediction of the Mayan Calendar on the twenty-first day of December on this year will be the end of the world, but what if the prediction is true, do you have any plan? Do you know where to go? What are the things you will gonna do? Well this is just a tip of how you will make your last day memorable and not a survival steps or ways.

For the first thing, let us think first if we ruined our life or we made it according to God, of course if we’ve been bad while living on this earth we know where shoud be, where? In the hell . Vise versa if we’ve been good we can make it in the heaven. For all those who will go to the hell, the first thing you do is to eat all your favorite frozen foods, like ice-creams since hell is surrounded by fires. On the other hand for all those angels on earth who has been a good citizen you don’t need to eat your favorite since you have a better place that is waiting for you, in a simplest say you don’t need to do anything for the first thing. The second one is to stop to be frugal, be a one day millionaire, don’t be afraid to waste your money, buy all the things you aren’t experience yet. Money is just a material thing. You can’t go with your second life having all your wealth, that’s why you need to expense it all or even share it with others that don’t have any single coin.

The third thing is all about experience, list down things that you haven’t experience yet and now this is the best time to do all of those as strong as you can. If you are a rich person, try to go to different squatter’s area, try to be a sweeper, try to be a waiter, try to join a gang or try to be a beggar for a day. To those who don’t know how to cook, try to cook and be proud of. Try to sing, try to dance, try to be a hunter, try to play, and the most important thing is try to smile.

Now we are on the fourth thing, set a family reunion, a gathering for friends. This is the time for...
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