100 Years Wars of Coca-Cola and Pepsi

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Many of us thinks about how Coca-cola and Pepsi begun in the soft drinks industry, and how this two industries was competing each other over 100 years? In that case we need to study and know about the history of these two industries, first we need to know its origin; the coke was invented by a pharmacist John Pemberton came from Atlanta in 1986. Pepsi was also created by a pharmacist named Caleb Bradham that is came from New Bern, North Carolina; Pepsi was invented in the year 1898. Coca-cola begins on business in the year 1894 when it was first bottled in a plant, at first it was originally cost 5 cent a glass. Pepsi cola begins on business when it first bottling started out in Bradham’s pharmacy basement. Pepsi Company was incorporated in 1905 and the name trademark in 1906, their bottling plant was established in 1908. Coke and Pepsi nowadays, over the years both company companies have seen worldwide expansion of their markets, which include varying lines of beverages, apparel and paraphernalia with their respective logos. For many years, Coca-cola and Pepsi have enjoyed the position as the two most enjoyed soft drinks in the world, as they have maintained their popularity over the past few decades. The main difference between Coke and Pepsi is their respective history and how their efforts especially with advertising came to define their brands. Coca-cola was designed in 1885 and was recommended as a tonic. The presence of cocaine in coke meant that it could effectively fight depression and at the same time it made users addicted to drink. Pepsi was originally named “Brad’s Drink”, and was created as coke’s primary competitor. Based on the researcher observation Coca-cola gets the number one spot in the industry of beverages while Pepsi was the second. Their spot for number one and two was consistent over the years not only on the other country but also in our country Philippines. In the Philippines Coca-Cola Corporation have its advertising motto in commercials like “Share the Happiness”, “Sinong Napasaya mo today” and many more. In the other side Pepsi Corporation have its own commercial on their new product launch like the commercial of the “Pepsi Pogi” and “Pepsi Blue”. But those products did not get customers satisfactions and was not totally succeeded. The “Cola Wars” of these two big soft drink industries is a very interesting study; as well we would know what strategies they use for them to reach their situation now.

1) How Pepsi Cola and Coca-cola will sustain their place in the soft drink industry. 2) Because of there 100 years in competitions, what improvement of products they need? 3) What if people will lose satisfaction for soft drinks? What will the two soft drink companies will do?

1) Pepsi and Coca-cola need’s to sustain their place in the industry, for them to be able in the business in long period of time or maybe forever in business. And also because they are old in business and they are competing over 100 years so that they need to sustain their place. 2) Both Companies need to improve their products to satisfy customer’s wants. 3) If the two companies did not improve their products, they will lose their customers satisfaction.

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