A Different History

Topics: Linguistics, Culture, Poetry Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: December 24, 2012
A Different History
* By Sujata Bhatt
She explores values and believes
She gives the universal theme of “acceptance of all cultures”. Lines run in religious and relevant tome but the poet immediately shifts to bitterness and wonder. She uses free verse, repeated words and questions to make the poem stronger. There are both types of word used. Formal and informal.

Formal: Dead, sacred, emigrated
Informal : shove, small, toss.

The poem is a free verse si it relates to how the Indian culture is free there is no base.”Gods roam freely”.

She is saying it’s silly and stupid yet she is following the Indian culture.

She uses enjambment to make the free verse stronger.

Part 1
Explains how religions are important in India.
Gods roam freely which tells are readers about the freedom of India. Religious as well as knowledge is important in India.
The first three lines are cynical because bhatt is gently poking fun at out many believing facts that god is manifested in everything. This is also called “tongue in cheek” technique. (Something similar to sarcasm). Books= to knowledge and how Indian respect both knowledge and culture.

Part 2
Oppressor’s tongue=> means England tried to claim their language and soul.

| Part 1| Part 2|
Contents | * Culture * Knowledge(books) * God(religion) * Values * Dualism | * Language * Effect on the people * How 1 language effect another.(no lang is pure)|
Language/Form| * Free verse * Repeated Words. (e.g. Sin/without, shove,gods)| * Free Verse * Rhetoric question| Mood| * Hopeful * Acceptance of different culture * Welcoming | * Bitter/Hopeless * Sad| Tone| * Respectful * Warming| * Fearful(of the other language here British)|
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