Preface, Point of Departure

Topics: Christianity, Islam, Comparative religion Pages: 2 (279 words) Published: March 3, 2013
World Religions|
Reflection #1|
Preface and the Point of Departure|
Megan Kelley|
March 5, 2013|

Reflection of Huston Smith’s The World’s Religions & The Illustrated World’s Religions-Preface and the Point of Departure, and Philip Novak’s The World’s Wisdom: Sacred Texts of the World’s Religions-Preface|

Megan Kelley
Stephanie Lape
Humanities 10: World Religions
March 5, 2013

Reflection #1
Preface and the Point of Departure

When I first pick up a book to read whether for a class or personal satisfaction, I skim or more likely skip totally the Preface of books. I am glad I decided to read the preface of both texts, not only because they were assigned reading but because it gave me direction to where the three books combined are leading. I am excited!

I read the Preface and Point of Departure of Smith’s The World’s Religions, and the Preface of Novak’s The World’s Wisdom: Sacred Texts of the World’s Religions. I understand the brotherhood of the texts. In Smith’s book he states, “Listening defines the purpose for this book,” and that this book is, “not a book on comparative religions.” We will not be debating nor criticizing one religion with the other but rather learning the traditions and wisdom values of the religions. We are to listen and embrace the religions of the world.

If we were to study all the religions of the world we would just be cataloging learning not them. Religion is not a matter of facts; it’s a matter of meanings. The knowledge of religion is essential to life. Not listening and learning other people’s religion is closing your eyes to the people and the world we live in.
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