Writing Effective Communications

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Communication design Pages: 4 (871 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Phoenix Advertising
Interoffice Memorandum

DATE: May 5, 2013

TO: Moe Frands, Managing Director; Sasha Larr, Planning Director; Jane Dresser, Creative Director

FROM: Janet Ribble, Vice President of Human Resources

SUBJECT: Roanoke Branch Update
In recent months, the Roanoke branch office has been experiencing difficulties. After a change in management, the graphic artists and copywriters have made it apparent that their work is no longer being received well. Although it is not completely clear, this employee upset may be the cause of the complaints that the branch has received by four of its clients. This matter demands immediate attention, as the Roanoke branch services some of the companies’ most valuable clients and thus is important to the overall success It is vital that the executive team contact the Roanoke branch employees to oversee the operations there at once. Jane Dresser should speak with the graphic designers and copywriters to evaluate the work they have submitted and the revisions that were made by their art director. Moe Frands needs to assess the new accounts that the branch has taken on recently and verify their ability to generate revenue. Sasha Larr should develop a plan for the new accounts creating a timeline for the project workload that is currently causing the staff to work longer hours. I will oversee the human resources department in managing employee relations and ensuring that the branch managers are indeed allocating PTO to the salaried employees. A report detailing your findings and procedures is expected in my office no later than May 12, 2009.

After reviewing your reports individually, I will hold a meeting of the executive officers to review the status of the Roanoke branch on May 14, 2009. If we all work together effectively I am sure we can resolve all the issues and ensure the success of the Roanoke branch.

Executive Team
Gregory S. Forest, President;
Bill Ludwick, Chief Executive;
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