World History Honors 8.10

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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Part I

List two reasons the Turkish government wants to rid their country of the Armenian population.
The Turkish were afraid that the Armenians would fight against them with their Christian Orthodox Russian neighbors in the east.
The Armenians also fought for their rights violently.
Considering Turkey and Germany were allies during WW II, how did Wegner demonstrate personal integrity by the choice he made?
He secretly took pictures of what was being done so the whole world could see how the Armenian’s were being killed.
Who said, “Who remembers what happened to the Armenians now?”
Hitler said this.
How do the Turks acknowledge the massacre today?
The Turks still deny the genocide.
Peter Jennings mentions Kosovo in the beginning of the video. Can you name other more recent instances of genocide?

Rwanda and Darfur.

Part II

For my first work of art, I choose The Identification. This is a drawing by Jan Komski. Jan Komski is a survivor of the Holocaust. As a Polish Roman Catholic, he was arrested on the Poland boarder for carrying false paper work. He was taken to the Auschwitz camp. Here, he was later involved with the most famous escape from the camp.

His artwork depicts Jews in the Holocaust. This particular drawing is portraying Jewish women. The Identity immediately caught my attention. The drawing looks very realistic. For example, the facial expressions of the women show their pain and despair.

The details also well portray what the rooms looked like in the camps. The background shows women crammed in long wooden bunks. What really moved me about this picture, however, was that it taught me something new. I had no idea that women were tattooed with numbers upon arrival. I couldn’t imagine how awful it would be to be shocked with this painful procedure.

This scene takes place in Auschwitz. Auschwitz was the only camp to tattoo its prisoners. Prisoners were made up of mostly Jews. Hitler and many...
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