World History

Topics: Japan, Joseon Dynasty, Korea Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Question:| Answer:| Current-Day Region| Letter on Map|
I founded the Choson dynasty and focused my government on Confucian principles. | Yi Song-gye| Korea| C| King Sejong replaced the complex Chinese system of writing with this alphabet. (both written and spoken)| Hangul| Korea| C

Was a dynasty and during this age, Buddhism reached its greatest influence in Korea.| Koryo Age| Korea| C| What religion reached its greatest influence during the Koryo Age? Buddist texts were printer| Buddhism| Korea| C| These are metal plated used to fight off Japanese invaders.| Turtle Ships| Korea| C| I used the turtle boats| Yi Sun-shin| Korea| C|

Koguryo, Paeksche, Shilla | Three Kingdoms| Korea| C|
There are mountains, islands, peninsulas, plateaus, and river valleys in Southeast Asia| Geographic features | Southeast Asia| | Monsoons, or seasonal winds shaped this. Spices were a big part of this.| Trade in Southeast Asia.| Southeast Asia | | | Khmer Kingdom| Thailand| |

| China| Southeast Asia| |
Under control of | Vietnam| Vietnam| |
Trung Truk and Trung Nhi. They wanted to turn Vietnam back| Trung Sisters| Southeast Asia| | | Angkor Wat| Southeast Asia| |
| Independence movements from China| Southeast Asia| |
The Strait that controlled trade.| Strait of Malacca| Malaysia | | Helped strengthen the emperor’s position, and centralized the power.| Taika Reforms| Japan| | Nature spirits| Kami| Japan| |

They wanted order and balance, Buddhist sect that flourished in Japan. Samuri soliders were attached to this.| Zen Buddhism| Japan| | Written by Lady Marusaki.| Tale of Genji| Japan| |
| Nara Period| Japan| |
| Heian Period| Japan| |
Set up the Kimajura shogunate.| Minamoto Period| Japan| | A form of government that ruled with one local power| Feudalism| Japan| | He wanted a orderly and uniformed society.| Tokugawa| Japan| | Built the...
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