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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Appendix D
Energy Conservation Journal

Use this table to organize your journal of energy consumption for one day. Use the following key to identify the source of the fuel being used as either fossil (@), nuclear (!) or alternative (*). An example is shown for the 6-7AM time slot below. Please delete this entry before you complete your own journal. After you have completed the journal, enter totals for the day in the table on the second page. You may download this file and open it in Microsoft Word to add your entries, or you may create your own table as long as it contains the same information.


Fossil @
Nuclear !
Alternative *

|Time |Interaction with Energy Source | |6-7 AM | | | |Turns on lights@. Cooked breakfast @. | |7-8 | Went to college in my scooter@. | |8-9 |Studied in class using power point slides@. | |9-10 |Came back home in scooter@. Went to office@ | |10-11 |Watched TV@, Charged my mobile@ | |11-12 |Did my assignments on my laptop @ | |12-1 PM |Played games on my desktop computer@ | |1-2 |Cooked launch@ | |2-3 |Washed...
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