Energy Audit

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  • Published : October 15, 2008
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With the world’s fossil fuel supply beginning to dwindle, and the threat of climate change looming in our future, conservation of energy has become more important than ever before. In this personal energy audit I will analyze my energy use over the week of September 21st-27th. I made a log of any daily activities which required an energy input, and noted their duration. This information was then used to determine the energy required per year.

As I have not been living at my current address for at least 1 year, I was unable to collect data with regards to the heating of the home, and so estimates were done regarding the heating and cooling energy requirements of the home.

ItemWeekly Energy Use (kWh)Yearly Energy Use (kWh)
Television (LCD)2.16112.32
XBOX 3600.7237.44
hot water0.052.51

Sample calculations:

Electrical Energy Use:
Estove = Pstove x (5 x tweekday + 2 x tweekend) = 2kW x (5 x 0.75h + 2 x 1.5h)
= 13.5kWh

Subway Energy Use:
Esubway = Psubway x dweekly = 0.1167kWh/km x (18.1km x 2 x 5) = 10.56 kWh

Gasoline Energy Use:
Ecar = Pvehicle x dweekly
Pvehicle = 9.167kWh/L * FEactual = 9.167 * 5.7L/100km
(Honda Civic Hybrid – Recorded, not EPA)
= 52.25 kWh/100km


Compared with the average residential energy usage of 30kWh/day (210kWh per week), I am well below the average. I believe this is most likely due to my use of the subway rather than a car for my daily commute. Although the energy usage numbers I have recorded with my fuel-efficient vehicle are lower than the per kilometer energy usage for the subway, this is because my driving occurs during non-rush hours, on the weekend. The lack of stoppages allows for much...
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