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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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Program OverviewWho Succeeds Career Paths Co-op Opportunities Resources/Links Management Information Systems (MIS)

Program Overview

Management Information Systems is the merging of the business world with the need for technology to succeed. While technology continues to advance and change, it is only useful in business when developed in the context of how it will be utilized. It does a company no good to bring in the latest software or create new systems if they do not increase productivity and efficiency. This is where the MIS professional comes in. Working closely with people in all aspects of a business, the MIS team will work to create a process that is right for the company’s needs now and in the future. Unlike some technology-focused careers, MIS is a people-centered role and professionals must understand not only the technology that they work with the how to strategically help the people that they work with.

Who Succeeds?
MIS professionals have a variety of skills and abilities, including:

* Proficiency in oral and written communication
* The ability to work well as a member of a team
* An ability to work with a diverse “clientele” within the organization * Good interpersonal skills
* Flexibility
* Strong technical skills and the willingness to learn new technologies * Management skills
* Strong analytical skills

Career Paths
MIS does not have a linear career path like other areas of business. Rather, people gain the skills, background and knowledge to work in a variety of areas within business. Often, graduates will work as systems analysts, information technology consultants, database administrators or in quality assurance. Technology jobs continue to be in high demand and pay well, and students who combine MIS with another concentration will be excellent candidates in the job market.

For MIS students, co-op has a wealth of opportunities to explore and grow in this field....
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