Will and Grace Moveable Feast

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Survey #5
“Moveable Feast”
1. Give an example someone employing empathic listening. Explain When Karen is talking about Stan wanting her to sleep with other men, Grace Jack and Will, listen empathetically. They listen to be sensitive to her. They understand that even though she acts tough, she loves her husband and is upset by this. They let her know that they understand how she is feeling and that they are there for her. 2. Which step to critical listening is most vulnerable in this episode? Explain your answer. The most vulnerable step I think is… “To focus all energy-Attending” Each of the characters are so focused and worried about leaving each place and getting back to their private celebration they are having at Will’s and Grace’s apartment, that they don’t fully attend each gathering. They do not give their full attention to the people that they are visiting at each of the parties and they easily misunderstand some of the conversations and intentions because they are not fully listening to the conversations that are going on around them. 3. Give an example of one of the listening barriers seen in this episode. Be specific. The listening barrier I saw was “preoccupation” Everyone is so preoccupied with their individual issues, they aren’t focusing on the day. Also they are preoccupied with leaving each of the places that they are visiting so they can leave and go back to Will and Grace’s apartment for their own dinner. 4. Give an example of selective listening in this episode. Be specific Selective listening happens when Will is talking about what not to do at his house. Jack doesn’t fully listen to him as proven when he misuses the term “business trip” 5. Give an example of ambush or defensive listening in this episode. Be specific Jack and his step dad. Jack is expecting his step dad to be critical and when he welcomes them all, Jack is showing an example of Ambush listening when he says things about him his step...
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