Cm 206 Unit 7 Project

Topics: Employment, Communication, Loaded language Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: October 23, 2012
CM206: Interpersonal Communication
Unit 7 Project

1) From the interaction does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or Why not? It does not seem that Alan is actively listening at all. He may be hearing the voices of his employees but he is not listening to them as they answer the questions that he has asked. He is also not mindful in his interactions with his employees. He is scribbling notes, shaking his head, constantly frowning and does not give the person he is talking to direct eye contact when speaking to them. Finally, Alan is not responding appropriately to what his employees are saying. He is not showing through his words or actions that he cares nor is interested in engaging them in further conversation. 2) Describe how Alan’s opening comments in the video (his view of his job) affect his approach to the performance reviews. Does Alan’s view of his job foster a negative or positive work atmosphere with his employees? Explain. In the opening comments, it is stated that Alan “dreads this time of year” because of his need to meet his job requirements and perform employee evaluations for his subordinates. He admits that he feels inadequate for this duty and clearly lacks a positive self-concept. His clear negativity toward this portion of his role makes him approach the task in a negative way. Before he even gets a chance to meet with the very first employee, Alan already has the prejudgment that each interaction will be a negative one. This only serves to devalue the employees and for him to focus on the negative aspects of the employee’s performance rather than praising them for their positive accomplishments and encouraging a better performance. It is quite apparent after listening to the video that Alan stays away from emotionally loaded language. He also lacks the effort necessary to be an effective, attentive listener. 3) Identify specific comments by Alan that show he is either effectively listening to his...
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