What Are the Hindrances in the Process of Knowledge Sharing in an Organization?

Topics: Knowledge management, Perception, Understanding Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Employees disagreed that they always have time for other people to share knowledge. It is due to general lack of time to share knowledge, and time to identify colleagues in need of specific knowledge. In this fast paced world, it is difficult to cope with the circumstances so people do not have time for others. Similarly, most of the employees highly disagreed that they’re willing to devote their personal time to others even if it is within the organization. This indicates that time is a major hindrance in knowledge sharing. Besides this an individuals’ own capability to share and perceive knowledge is important. Employees agreed that if the person is capable to understand what is being delivered to him, then the knowledge would be successfully shared. They even strongly agreed that level of knowledge sharing is dependent on the capabilities an individual has. Employees showed willingness in sharing information if people approached them for some personal, administrative, financial or organizational problem, rather than offering them voluntarily. They do not share unnecessary information. They only prefer to share such information which is relevant and useful for the other person. Being a member of an organization does not require their employees to share their personal work experiences with each other. But they would put in a great deal of effort beyond what is normally expected in order to help their organization to be successful. Sometimes a hindrance in knowledge sharing occurs when you are not able to convey your message to the organization. This is because people cannot readily differentiate useful information from useless information. People are averse to sharing information orally, and even more averse to sharing it in written form. It is a common observation that people share information generously peer-to-peer, but begrudgingly upwards, and sparingly downwards in organizational hierarchies. Many employees who were surveyed strongly agreed to this...
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