Revised Scholarship, Practice, and Leadership Essay

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  • Published : May 5, 2013
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Information literacy is an emerging skill set of exhausting information needed to be cooperatively obtained for the understanding of that information which is essential for the undertaking of an assignment within a workplace, as manager and an employee, while recognizing when or how the information is needed for consumption. Businesses have had to reconstruct themselves to keep up with the high demands of the information age and make it relevant to their business needs. In an effort for the business to remain consistent with their business needs, adjustments have to be made with the manager and employee. Business’ look for employees to adapt to the consistent changing demands in the information age (Turusheva, 2009, p.126). Moving forward in information literacy, the adaptation of the workplace manager and employees within the new generation of learning and business must acquire a median to bridge the gap for increased productivity. In this essay, it will be illustrated how information literacy influences scholarly, practical, and leadership in the workplace, with a manager and employee with reference to training. Information Literacy within the Workplace

To the extent that a business is growing, there is a high expectation for it to keep the employees up-to-date without an excess of material and without adequate knowledge while attempting to maintain the business processes. Companies have now realized it is employees need to have access to information that will be viable to meeting the company needs without strain to deliver business value within the workplace (Cheuk, 2008). Therefore, the worker will be able to decipher and utilize the material and resources to meet the business needs for adequate productivity (Cheuk, 2008). This leaves the employees’ at a disadvantage with excessive information being provided and not knowing when it is appropriate to use it, in keeping with the business value and demand. A Fortune 500 Company, Environmental Resource...
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