Measuring Quality Management Level with Reference to Iso 9000 and Tqm for Special Libraries in India

Topics: Total quality management, ISO 9000, Management Pages: 18 (4672 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Annals of Library and Information Studies 49,4; 2002; 141-163.


RKVerma National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR, formerly INSDOC) 14, Satsang Vihar Marg, New Delhi

The main objective of the study is to assess the. impact of six factors viz., status of library; size of LIS units; sector of organization (administrative control); type of organization (major fields of activities); resources; and quality awareness level (as independent variables) on Quality Management Level (OML) of special libraries in India. The QML is represented by nine key activities of libraries viz., Commitment by management/leadership; Education & Training; Services standards; Processes standards;' Customers' survey; Quality manuals; suggestion/ feedback systems; Quality circles; and Individual· ethics for management and learning treated as dependent variables. In the. study, the empirical data was collected through a questionnaire from a sample population of India. A· TQM based approach was followed by using modified form of Et,Jropean, Quality Model. Presents the findings on QML and its variations among special libraries in India and establishes knowledge on associative patterns between QML and six factors. The results of the survey reveal that (or proper performance measurement of LIS sector, OML depends upon a TQM oriented instrument. Concludes that QML is closely associated with innovation and reorganization process rather than streamlining and securing routine functions .and processes. which would be a conservative approach for successful Quality Management in libraries.

Libraries and Information Centres have a long tradition of providing information products and services to its customers. The main ingredient viz. information has been regarded as a key resource to introduce innovation and increase the effectiveness of the organisations including LIS units. There was a time when it was sufficient to perfqrm traditional functions such as acquisition, processing and supplying reading materials to the users on request. The earlier scenario has drastically changed now, and various factors Iike- introduction of Information Technology (IT); resource constraints in institutions including budget cut; ever increasing expectations of users and complexity of availability of widely scattered material, have contributed to this state of affairs. The quality of products and services has also been maintained by following national and international standards. However, there has been a change in the earlier connotation of qUC:ility as a static concept which was restricted to the production or some aspects of service and confined to the technical aspects only. The current perception of quality is any activity which changes with time, environment, customer reaction and other factors. This has happened due to the rapid evolutionary process of the

*Based on authors Ph.D. thesis entitled "Quality ManagementApproaches in LIS Sector in India with particular Reference to ISO 9000 Standardsand TQM Concepts"

Vol 49 No 4 December 2002



principles and practice of quality management (aM) during the last twenty-five years. In this process, four fairly discrete stages or levels viz. Inspection; Ouality Control (OC); Ouality Assurance (OA); and Total quality Management (TOM) have been identified. Despite this development, the concept of quality is viewed differently within the professionals in LIS sectors. For one group it is just another manage!T1ent concept with more emphasis on bureaucratic nature than real term use. Still another group feels that it is an effective management concept only in industrial sector and the same cannot be applied to LIS sector. However, a report published by FID [1] describing two case studies and further survey of literature reveals that...
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