Weight Management

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Ch 10 weight management

* Explain body comp and metabolic rate
- depends on body size, composition, gender, diet, age, genes, hormones and activity level. -body comp = % of body fat and lean body mass [LBM] (ratio of fat tissue to nonfat tissue in body) [LBM = muscles bones and organs.] - 2 types of body fat - 1. Essential and needed for functioning // 2. Storage and can b lost thru exercise (1lb of fat= 3500 cal.) - metabolism refers to how the body utilizes fuel from nutrients (food) - metabolic rate = total amount of energy the body expends in a given time (ie. number of cal the body burns while resting or being active) - burned engery in body = 10-40% physical activity / 5-15% digestion / and 55-75% basal metobolic rate (BMR) or resting metobolic rate (RMR) for vital bodily functions. - due to genetic predisposition genes set ur metobolic rate or metabolism and can influence ur weight, fat distribution in areas and body structure size but does not account for Your diet or lifestyle choices

* differentiate overweight and obesity and describe link to major health problems - according to nation health and nutrition 2003 survey 61% of USA Americans are overweight or obese - 22% of children and adolescents is USA are obese and 25% are overweight! (studies have shown that increase of fat cells in children = excess fat storage in adults abdominal) - major health problems assoc. coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, bone and joint diseases, gallstones, hypertension, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, psychosocial development and self-esteem and high risk for cancer. - overweight if BMI is between 25.0 - 29.9 and >30 is obese) - obese men have 2x chances of obtaining hypertension and high blood cholesterol and obese women have 4x chances - obesity is a disease!

- can affect immune system and reproductive organs
- causes psychological problems or can lead to depression

* Explain 3 unhealthy eating disorders and...
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