How to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind?

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  • Published : June 2, 2012
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Nowadays there are many obese people. Obesity can lead to many hazardous diseases such as diabetes, gout, cardio - vascular problems. For those people, losing weight is a compelling option. Besides, other people want to lose weight for some sense reasons. Many of them cut off time to lose weight quickly, it is harmful for your health.   The basic rule to lose weight is the input energy must less than the output energy. This can be done by many ways: reduce the amount of food you take in, or do exercises to increase the demand of energy, or combine both. In short term, when you receive lower calories than the need, your body will take up the reverse fat and use it to make up for the shortage part. For example, a standard female adult need approximately 1800 - 2200 per day, if she wants to lose weight, she should cut 200 - 400 calories in her menu so that her body will start to consume the superfluous fat. To begin with, taking a note book, keep them in handy places and start writing your goals, the reason why you want to lose weight, your current weight, where you want your weight to end up. Knowing exactly what you are doing and where you want to be will keep you on the right path. One thing to remember, never ever try to lose weight so fast, it was my experience. When I was around thirteen, my close friends group drew me on a diet plan. It was a strict diet, we slipped the breakfast together and ate very little in other meals, we also ate and drank a lot of pineapple. After a few weeks, all of us got at least two kilos down each, we kept that diet for some few more weeks, we all lost many weights then we maintained a less strict menu to retain that weight. I lost almost five weights in total. Then I felt some changes in my body, my hair started falling down, my nails breakable, no vitality at all. I also felt tired and desperate all the time, also I could not concentrate and my productivity declined. Besides, when you lose too much weight in a while,...
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