Week 2 Quiz

Topics: Atom, Hydrogen, Electron Pages: 4 (884 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Week 2 Quiz
Which of these is NOT one of the four general categories of cells that make up the human body?
collagen cells
muscle cell
connective tissue cell
epithelial cells
What is the term for the developmental process that leads to specialized cell types?
positive feedback
If a person begins to sweat upon entering a hot room but continued sweating is able to keep the body temperature constant, which of these best describes her condition?
She is not using energy to maintain a constant temperature.
She is in a steady state
She is in an equilibrium state.
She is using a positive feedback mechanism.
Which concept is the defining feature of the discipline of physiology?
descent with modification
Describing a physiological variable as "homeostatic," means that it
has varied from the normal value, and will remain constant at the new value.
is in a state of dynamic constancy that is regulated to remain near a stable set point value.
is in an equilibrium state that requires no energy input to stay at the normal value.
never varies from an exact set point value.
has no normal range, but will just change to match the outside environmental conditions. What term is used to describe the steady state value for any variable that the body attempts to maintain?

Equilibrium potential
Median value
Error signal
Set point
Reflex arc
What is a hormone?
a chemical released from an endocrine gland that affects target cells without entering the bloodstream
a chemical released from a nerve cell that affects nearby cells across a synapse
a chemical regulator secreted from an endocrine gland that travels through the bloodstream to affect target cells
a chemical found in the blood that catalyzes the destruction of ingested toxins and foreign substances
a chemical excreted from sweat gland that signals other...
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