Week 1 Study Guide

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LDR/531 Final Examination Study Guide

This study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in Week Six. It contains practice questions, which are related to each week’s objectives. In addition, refer to each week’s readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination.

Week One: Organizational Structure

Objective: Summarize the impact of structure on an organization.

1. The more that lower-level personnel provide input or are actually given the discretion to make decisions, the more _____ there is within an organization.

a. centralization
b. work specialization
c. departmentalization
d. decentralization

2. The _____ is a structure characterized by extensive departmentalization, high formalization, a limited information network, and centralization.

a. mechanistic model
b. organic model
c. adhocracy
d. simple structure

3. What is a small, core organization that outsources major business functions?

a. Virtual
b. Boundary-less
c. Matrix
d. Simple

4. What is the structure that creates dual lines of authority?

a. Bureaucracy
b. Matrix structure
c. Virtual organization
d. Simple structure

5. What is the key component underlying bureaucracies?

a. Flexibility
b. Standardization
c. Dual lines of authority
d. Wide span of control

6. In an organization that has high centralization,

a. the corporate headquarters is located centrally to branch offices b. all top level officials are located within the same geographic area c. new employees have a great deal of legitimate authority d. top managers make all the decisions and lower level managers merely carry out directions

Objective: Explain how organizational behavior (OB) theories shape management purpose, positions, and essential skills.

7. Which behavioral science discipline is most focused on understanding individual behavior?

a. Sociology
b. Psychology
c. Anthropology
d. Organizational behavior

Week Two: Leading Individuals

Objective: Explain ways personality and values influence behaviors.

8. Which of the following statements about the determinants of personality is true?

a. Personality appears to have no determinants.
b. Personality appears to be a result of only environmental factors. c. Personality appears to be a result of only environmental factors. d. Personality appears to be a result of both hereditary and environmental factors.

Objective: Create a plan to increase employee motivation, satisfaction, and performance.

9. Henry is dissatisfied with his job, but believes that his supervisor is a good man who will do the right thing. Henry has decided that if he just waits, conditions will improve. What term identifies Henry’s approach?

a. Exit
b. Voice
c. Loyalty
d. Neglect

Week Three: Leading Organizations

Objective: Differentiate between groups and teams.

10. Which of the following types of teams would most likely be assembled to improve the efficiency of a company's production process?

a. Cross-functional
b. Problem solving
c. Self-managed
d. Virtual

Objective: Evaluate the challenges of communicating in groups and teams.

11. What are the five stages of group development?

a. Generation, implementation, construction, production, and termination b. Introduction, development, production, deterioration, and adjournment c. Initiation, evolution, maturation, degeration, and termination d. Forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning

Week Four: Leadership Theories and Styles

Objective: Compare and contrast leadership theories.

12. John Kotter argues that management focuses on coping with complexity, whereas leadership focuses on coping with what?

a. Conflict
b. Defeat
c. Morale
d. Change

13. Which theory differentiates leaders from nonleaders by focusing on personal...
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