Kaakbay Incorporated Case Study

Topics: Management, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: January 3, 2013
CASE: Kaakbay, Incorporated

1. Management issues and problems in the case:

a. The way how the leader, Mrs. Elena Gomez, influence the followers to put the needs of organization’s vision and goals above their self-interest

b. The leadership style by which Mrs. Gomez was able to raise people’s awareness, help people look beyond self-interest and self-fulfillment, understand the need for change and make people commit to the greatness of the company

c. The effectiveness of the leaders in providing a vision that the people working for them can rally behind, giving them a sense of empowerment. If an employee has a good sense of the overall mission of which he is a part, he will be more likely to feel motivated and be committed to his work.

2. The central/major problem:

a. Empowerment, as a leadership competency

i. It is important that management hands over a level of the decision making power. 

ii. It is important for managers to have trust and confidence in the employee.  A manager that second-guesses an employee’s decisions can impact the confidence the employee has in their decision making ability.

iii. Top management needs to be committed to supporting a healthy and empowered culture.  This includes developing an organizational definition of empowerment that may include well defined boundaries and management training on how to coach empowered employees.

3. Options to Empowerment (the “best” option)

a. In order to empower the people you're leading, you need to encourage them to take their own initiative when it comes to completing tasks and making assignments. This often means a leader needs to take a more hands-off approach to her management. She must give employees the appropriate amount of space in order for them to function without any perceived interference or pressure. Empowered employees are self-sufficient.
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