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Work effectively in accounting and finance
AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

Assessment book: Part 1

• This practice assessment is for familiarisation purposes only and must not be used in place of a ‘live’ assessment. • When you feel prepared to sit the live assessment please contact your Training Provider who can schedule a live assessment for you.


You are Sam Barnes, and you started working as Financial Accounts Clerk for Debson’s Drinks on 8 June 2010. Today’s date is 2 July 2010.

The accounts department is split into two sections:

• financial accounts, where the nominal ledger, sales ledger, purchases ledger and taxation records are maintained • management accounts, where the stocks and the regional management accounting records are maintained.

Your normal working week is 09:00 to 17:00, and you are required to take one hour for lunch.

During the busy weeks of the financial year end everyone is expected to stay longer to complete work, although the offices are only open between 08:00 and 18:00.

Please refer to the organisation chart for Debson’s Drinks’ accounts department (see next page).

Your role is primarily to assist with maintaining the nominal ledger, and most of your tasks are routine. However, when you joined Debson’s Drinks Carol Nixon, the Financial Accountant, explained that as the Financial Accounts Clerk your time would be shared between all four of the Assistant Financial Accountants. As a result any of these sections might ask you to complete tasks.

As your job is a new role within Debson’s Drinks, Carol is unsure how efficient it will be to have four Assistant Financial Accountants allocating you tasks. To monitor this she has asked you to keep your work request forms and work plans so you can review them with her at your three month review meeting.

Carol has explained that the Assistant Financial Accountants will complete work request forms, which you need to receive by 10.00 each Friday for work to be completed the following week. This will enable you to plan your forthcoming workload and identify any issues before the new week starts.

Carol reviews all staff training and development for the financial accounts department, and she has authorised the payment of your AAT course fees. The Human Resources manager, Sally Green, has received and processed the payment, but she is rather unhappy about the total cost of training for financial accounts department staff.

During your first four weeks in the job you completed a generic one week induction at Debson’s Drinks. Your departmental induction has mainly been with Chris Potter, one of the Assistant Financial Accountants, and it has involved going through the workings of the nominal ledger and the routine tasks you will need to complete on a monthly basis.

Unfortunately, Debson’s Drinks’ year end date is 30 June which means everyone in the accounts department is extremely busy. Chris has explained that she will be asking you to do tasks which she wouldn’t have time to explain fully. However, she has asked you to keep a list of anything you don’t understand and she will set aside time after the year end to go through these tasks with you. Organisation chart

Debson’s Drinks – Accounts Department

| | |Work request from: Chris Potter | | | |Date of request: 2 July 2010 | | | | |Task |Estimated |Required completion date. | | |...
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