Week 4 Review Questions

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Review Questions

Name ________John Bailey__________

Answer the following questions (you may use MS Project Help): 1) What are the three base calendars included in MS Project and what are the default values of each?

Standard - Default base calendar, Monday to Friday, 8 to 5, lunch noon to 1. This is the default base calendar used for the project, for tasks and for resources.

Night Shift - Usually for graveyard shift, 11 PM to 8 AM, five days a week, lunch 3 AM to 4AM.

24 Hours – Work never stops here. Typically used for projects in a manufacturing situation, midnight until midnight 7 days a week.

2) What is the difference between a base calendar and a resource calendar?

Resource Calendars apply to only specific resources.

3) Why schedule one project meeting after completion of the last task, Test System?

We should - as a final meeting to discuss how the project went as a whole.

4) Give an example of when you would assign a 24-hour calendar to a resource.

24-Hour calendars would be used in situations where a consultant is being used to complete a fixed-cost task

5) If you were doing a senior project, what would be the base calendar you would use for students working on the project and what adjustments would you make to it?

The base calendar I would use would probably be the 24-hour calendar because there would not be a set time each task will be worked on.

Turn in this sheet with your MS Project file to the Weekly iLab Dropbox.
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