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Introduction to the Company
Vodafone is a leading telecom player in the UK and other parts of the world including India. The products and services they provide are of high quality and high standards and the market they are operating is highly competitive. The nature of competition requires the management of the company to have a strategic clarity and all the business operations should be working in same direction. Their service portfolio includes mobile phone connection including 2G and 3G networks, broadband internet in homes and on mobiles (www.vodafone.com, 2011). In order to understand the strategic human resource activities of the organization is very important to understand that what company all about is. Their vision values and business orientation are the key drivers that are driving the human resource management department (www.vodafone.com, 2011). Company Vision

They see their future in outstanding data services and products - backed up by the best customer experience in the business. Their journey has already begun, with things like Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband. And their Vodafone at home fixed broadband service. And their targets are big, which means millions of customers using their data services every day (www.vodafone.com, 2011). Company Values

They are focused on speed to market, they relentlessly priorities and pursue the outcomes that matter to our business. Simplicity
They make things simple for their customers, partners and colleagues. Trust
They are reliable and transparent to deal with. They deliver for others, and trust others to do likewise

Interview with: Ms’ Ivy

* Q. How many employees does Vodafone (Gujarat head office) have? * 700 On-role Employees.

* Q. What is the recruitment process does Vodafone have?
* The Recuitment process at Vodafone is a 4-Step process.

* The recruitment process starts with the declaration of vacancies to our various sources of recruitment
* Sources Of Recruitment

1. HR Consultancies (Names not disclosed)
2. Online Web Portals (Nakuri.com, Monster.com etc.)
3. Employee Referrals.
4. Internal Job Posting.

* The Next step is to receive and screen the resumes collected from all the sources leading to the formation of a shortlist of potential candidates. * After the shortlist is made, the process directly jumps to interviews of these candidates(Exams are conducted, but only for operational level jobs) * The last step in the process is providing the offer of acceptance which includes the job description and duties, to the candidate selected from the shortlist

* Q. How is the employee welfare taken care of?
* Vodafone believes in ‘Human Connect’, therefore there is no digitalised feedback mechanism such as grievance e-mail, complaint portal etc. that exists.

* The feedback mechanisms followed by Vodafone are:
* Core HR teams that make sure no such practices, which work against the interest of the employees, happen in the organisation * Zonal HR heads that look after the same in the zonal offices and retail outlets of Vodafone. * At Every hierarchy level of every office, a “Spock”(a person who doesn’t let his judgement get clouded by emotions) is selected, who an employee can approach regarding their problem * Open house discussions, both intra and inter offices, takes place every month via vid-cons. In these conferences employees are encouraged to make their problems or issues known. * The purest form of ‘Human Connect’. Employees at any and every Vodafone office is always encouraged and welcomed to come and seek solace regarding their problems from their seniors, peers, the HR department and even the highest authorities. * A special e-mail ID is also in place for matters of such nature which cannot be discussed openly or if the employee is not comfortable doing the same in person.

* A special 8 member team is formed to ingrain the culture...
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