Vbb Vehicle Security System

Topics: Computer security, SMS, Text messaging Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Q.1 - What Is Micro VBB ?

MicroVBB is a messaging and Antitheft security system for vehicle with various sensors installed in vehicle.After deploying this interactive system in the vehicle the registered user can control his vehicle by sending described commands to MicroVBB system via SMS. 5TOP Q.2 - How Does Micro VBB Function ?

This technology provides super security to your vehicle that enables the user to detect any access to his vehicle by any other through a SMS on his mobile . The user can send “ Locking” instruction to the system ,which will prevent any unauthorized access by an intruder. 5TOP Q.3 - What Do You Mean By Automated Message From The System ?

After deploying the security system into vehicle, the administrator will send control of vehicle to an authorized person. The moment instruction received to the system by administrator, system will send a SMS to the authorized person & also intimates the administrator about change of control. All these intimation is through Short Messaging Service from the system, now the authorized person can send prescribed messages to the system. Sending Alert messages is also a part of automated message from the system. 5TOP Q.4 - How Can I Protect My Vehicle In Case Of Theft ?

With vehicle security system deployed in vehicle authorized person need to send command in prescribed format to the system “EOFF” is the command to sTOP the Car Engine, “EON” is the command to start the Car Engine. 5TOP Q.5 - What Type Of Messages Will Be Received As An Automated Message ?

Alert messages are the part of Automated Messages from the system are: "Welcome to Micro Vehicle Black Box. Product ID: D0100 -Micro VBB" "System's Control transferred -Micro VBB"
"You are Unregistered User -Micro VBB"
"INVALID Mobile Number -Micro VBB”
“Command Format INVALID -Micro VBB" 5TOP Q.6 - How Could I Lock Or Unlock My Vehicle ?

With the use of Micro VBB, an automated security system deployed in the vehicle,...
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