Call Center Script

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Hi, this is_ with American Home Security. The reason I am calling is to inform you that you're one of the few home owners that was chosen to help us advertise and create some visibility for our company in your area. What's going to happen is we will provide you a FREE wireless home security system.

We are giving the system for 2 reasons: First and most important, we want to get your home and family PROTECTED BEFORE something happens, Makes sense right? Second, it’s our way of advertising, if we make you happy, and we get your home and family protected, you will tell your friends of course This promotion is special for select Homeowners only!

The system we provide is wireless, Now......

oWe install your main keypad by the door you use the most, this will give you time to arm and disarm your system.
oNext we are going to protect your exterior doors with wireless transmitters, due to the fact that 90% of all break-ins are through a locked door.
oThen we install a pet friendly motion detector as a secondary line of defense, in case the intruder breaks-in through an alternative source.
oWe provide you with a siren, which is VERY LOUD!!!
oA 24 hour battery back-up. In the event that your home should lose power, your family will be protected.
oAnd most important, three built in panic buttons, that link you DIRECTLY to your local Police, Fire and Paramedics.
oA yard sign and window stickers to help prevent break-ins all together.
Now (CUSTOMER'S FIRST NAME) like I said, the system and installation are completely FREE. The ONLY THING that you take care of is the monthly monitoring and we’ve worked that out to be only about a dollar a day, this way it will be affordable for EVERYONE. This is KEY to your home and families safety. ALRIGHT? (MUST BE AN AFFIRMATIVE ANSWER; YES OR OK) What I am going to do for you now, is have one of our technicians call you back in the next 5 to 10 minutes, they...
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