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Unit of Study Outline
Unit code CLAW 1001
Unit title Foundations of Business Law
Semester 1, 2012
Pre-requisite units: There are no pre-requisite units for CLAW1001 Co-requisite units: N/A
Assumed Knowledge and/or skills: There is no assumed knowledge as this is an introductory unit of study.

Unit coordinator: Giuseppe Carabetta
Room: Room 521, level 5, E&B Building (H69), across from the Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre
Email address: giuseppe.carabetta@sydney.edu.au
Phone: (02) 9036 9189
Consultation Hours: My consultation times will be available online via the CLAW1001 Blackboard site (http://blackboard.econ.usyd.edu.au)

Class day(s): TBA time(s): TBA and venue(s): TBA

Required Text / Resources: Terry and Giugni, Business and the Law, 5th ed, 2009, Cengage Learning.

This Guide to Unit Learning Content and Assessment MUST be read in conjunction with the Guide to Business School Student Administration Manual
(sydney.edu.au/business/currentstudents/student_information/student_administration_manual) and University Policies on Academic Honesty, Special Consideration, and all applicable policies that apply to every unit of study offered by the Business School. In determining applications and appeals relating to these matters it will be assumed that every student has taken the time to familiarise themselves with these key policies and procedures.

Version: 2012 Business School

Business School

1. Unit of study information (School handbook description)

2. Learning aims
The law is not simply peripheral to business. Business operates in the context of an increasingly complex legal and regulatory system which impacts on all business activity. Contemporary managers need an understanding of the legal foundations of business and of the impact of the law on business operations and business strategies. CLAW1001 has been designed to provide this understanding. It has a dual role. It is the foundation unit for the business law discipline on which later specialist law units are built and provides a grounding in the common law system but it also provides a broad commercial awareness of the legal environment for business and the legal regulation of business which is relevant to all Business School students whatever their specialisation. Some years ago Sir Anthony Mason, a former Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, commented that ‘Law in its various manifestations touches and often controls virtually every aspect of human relations [and] an understanding of law is invaluable to those whose occupation stands outside legal professional practice’. All Business School students, whatever their specialisation, will find that an understanding of the nature, role and processes of the law and the Australian legal system, of the operation and significance of law in a business environment and of the major areas of substantive law impacting on business will add value to their particular specialisations.

3. Learning outcomes and links to Program Learning Outcomes
Intended Learning Outcome

Relevant program learning

Links to Learning and
Teaching methods

Students in this unit are expected
to develop and demonstrate the
following learning outcomes.
Students are expected to:

The Unit of Study Learning
Outcomes relate to the following
BCom / MCom. Program Learning
Outcomes (PLOs)

The main learning
activities through which
students will practice
and develop their
knowledge, skills and

1. Describe and explain
commercial transactions law
concepts clearly and

1. Able to demonstrate an
understanding of the key
challenges in managing business in
a range of business and cultural

Read text and other
relevant materials
before and after
Actively participate in
lecture discussions.
Use interactive lecture
slides accordingly....
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