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L203 – Business Law
Fall 2012
Applied Learning Assignment #5

This assignment is required.

Maximum Possible Points: The maximum number of points you may earn for this assignment is 50.

You are to work on this assignment alone without assistance from others; however, you may use your text, class lectures and your notes in completing the assignment.

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Due Date Mon., Nov. 12th: This is an out-of-class assignment and is to be turned in no later than the beginning of class on the due date.

The Assignment: Read the news articles and the federal regulations that follow. Answer the questions about potential claims. Please note: • Your answers are to be marked on the Assignment. Mark clearly to show which answer you have selected. • Write your name on the Assignment Sheet. Submit a hard copy of the entire Assignment Sheet.

NTSB releases details on Lake Butler crash
No charges have been filed against bus driver, although a criminal investigation continues.

Published February 3, 2006

LAKE BUTLER, FLORIDA – The truck driver who plowed into a car at a school bus stop last week killing seven children had been awake for 34 hours, except for a short nap, an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday.

David Rayburn, the lead NTSB investigator for the Lake Butler crash, said the 31-year-old truck driver, Alvin Wilkerson, was refusing to talk to investigators about the accident.

Rayburn and Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Leeper refused to release the name of Wilkerson’s attorney. Calls to Crete Carrier Corp., the Lincoln, Nebraska, trucking company Wilkerson drove for, were not immediately returned.

Blood tests showed he had not been using alcohol or drugs, Leeper said. Wilkerson was not using his cell phone at the time of the accident. No charges have been filed against Wilkerson, although a criminal investigation continues.

Rayburn said driver fatigue was one of main factors being looked into as the cause of the crash. “He was driving quite a bit during those 34 hours, probably too much,” Rayburn said, adding that Wilkerson was making deliveries and loading and unloading his truck. At the time of the crash, Wilkerson was driving a load of bottled water from High Springs to Jacksonville, a trip of about 85 miles.

The NTSB, using an identical school bus and truck, determined the school bus should have been visible for about 3,000 feet (more than half a mile) and there was some light skid marks before hitting the car and pushing it into the school bus.

The car burst into flames, killing all seven children, and forcing it under the school bus, carrying nine children. Two children from the bus remain at Shands hospital in Gainesvile in serious condition.

When asked when Wilkerson saw the bus, Rayburn said, “I don’t know that he did.”

Rayburn said both the bus driver and the truck driver had valid commercial licenses. He noted that the driver of the car, Nikki Mann, was only 15, and had only a learner’s permit. She was talking on her cell phone when the truck hit the back of her car.

Sheriff Jerry Whitehead said the crash was not Nikki Mann’s fault. “Accidents happen. This was a tragedy. I don’t believe she was at all at fault. The truck plowed into them and killed them.”

Rayburn said there were no mechanical problems with any of the vehicles involved and a recorder on the truck did not show the impact. Investigators don’t know if a dog riding in Wilkerson’s truck played any part in the collision.

Rayburn said he investigated a 2004 crash in which a Crete Carrier driver had been driving excessive hours. That incident involved a multi-car pile-up on the Indiana toll road near Chicago...
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