Unit 49 Analyse and Report Data

Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Research Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Unit 49 Analyse and Report Data
1. Understand how to evaluate data that has been researched.

2.1 The purpose of organising data is so that it can be analysed in what ever way is required. It should be organised under specific headings so that the data can be manipulated however it is needed. It should be accurate and organised in a logical manner.

2.2 Validity and reliability are two entirely different things. Something that is reliable may not be valid. You will need to manipulate the data several ways to establish whether or not it is reliable, if the data consistently gives the same answer you would be able to say it was reliable. If the result was reliable but was wrong i.e it did not give the true answer then it would not be valid; if it the result was correct then it could be said that it was reliable and valid and therefore relevant.

2.3 The data should be collected so that there is no chance of bias. If I was collating data from my work I would need to ensure that the data was collected from an equal number of all three services and equal number of the same sex. It also means making sure no external factors come into play for example personal bias. I would need to error check before running any analyse. I would also need to ensure that any statistical tests i did match the data I have recorded.

2.4 The difference between primary and secondary research methods are: primary search method is research that you have done yourself, secondary research methods are using data that has been collected by someone else and already exists.

2.5 The difference between quantitative and qualitative research methods are: Quantitative research is “hard” research, the person doing the research decides the subject and researches the subject using specific questions. The data is recorded in the form of stats and is done in an unbiased manner. Qualitative Research is based on the Personal opinions of the participants, the...
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