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Topics: A Good Day, Valediction, Letter Pages: 11 (2527 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Letter of Inquiry – Training Program
July 2, 2008
Mr.  Rodrigo Rivera
Personnel Director
Technote Corporation
3152 Bridge Avenue
Boston, MA 02154
Dear Mr. Rivera:
May I ask a favor of you?  Randy del Rosario, a representative of the Leverage Company, recently told me of your success in managing Technote’s training program for the hardcore unemployed.  Our firm is presently planning such a program, and we would appreciate information about the mind-set section of your program. We expect to begin our training sessions on approximately August 1.  I believe we are prepared for the remedial-education and job-skills portion of the program, but we need help with mind-set section.  Specifically, we would appreciate knowing who you employed to teach that section, the major emphasis in the section, and the length of the section in relation to the entire programs. I congratulate you on your success in managing Technote’s program, and I believe your ideas would help us solve this long-neglected problem, also.  I look forward to hearing from you. Very truly yours,

Francisco Fortaleza
Managing Director

Letter of reply:
February 19, 2001
Ms. Lenita Alferos
ABC Subd.
San Juan, Manila
Dear Ms Alferos:
Your letter of February 05, in which you apply for a position as Computer Programmer, has just come to my attention. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity at the moment, but I definitely will keep your application in our active files, for I am very well impressed with both your personal and your employment qualifications.  I suggest that you get in touch with me again in six weeks if you are still interested. Very truly yours,

Miguel  Montejo

Order letter:
Mr. Joey Yasuke
#415 Greenhills Street
San Fernando, Pampanga
Dear Mr. Yasuke:
Will you kindly send me two of the portable lunch boxes – order number 2b36 – as advertised in Daily Inquirer of yesterday, August 5.  Please charge this purchase to my account. I shall especially appreciate your usual prompt delivery, as I plan to give one of the lunch boxes to my daughter, who is leaving on a vacation within three days.  One is to be delivered to me at my address, above, and the other to 124 Meadow Street, San Juan, Pampanga. Very truly yours,

Abelina dela Cruz

Sales Letter:
Digital Product
# 457 Ayala St.
Makati City
July 15, 2007
Dr. Angel Aquino
School Administrator
West Link College
Pasay City
Dear Dr. Aquino:
Busy executives stay ahead of paperwork even when they are out of the office.  They do with Digital Product’s remarkable new vest pocket secretary. It’s so small and light you can slip it in your pocket and take it anywhere.  Yet it packs full-hour ideas, letters, memos and reports on a Single Micro-Cassette.  You can hear the recording with astonishing clarity – all with a touch of a single button. Digital Products are sold just about everywhere.

See your Digital Product dealer for additional information or a demonstration. Sincerely yours,
Jose dela Cruz
Marketing Director

Complaint letter:
John McKay
328 Harold Ave
Leonia, NJ 07605
April 27, 2010
Dear Sir:
I am writing this letter to inform you of my utter disappointment with your television show aired on April 20 at 4 p.m. entitled “Today’s the Day.” The show came out without any form of warning, although it was apparent after the first 10 minutes of the show that it was not suitable for young audiences. The guests in your show continuously used foul and discriminatory language. Swear words used by the guests were not even edited as the show was broadcast. Pardon the language, but I distinctly remember the words faggot, nigger and shit being mentioned in the show. My five-year-old daughter was watching the show as I cooked at that time, and you can imagine my horror at letting my child watch such a program. It was far too late when I switched to another channel. I hope that you would consider putting an appropriate warning or restriction for the show, and...
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