Top 40 Study Strategies

Topics: Need to know, Educational psychology, Time management Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Top 40 Study Strategies

Time Management
1. Start using a calendar, planner, or task list at the start of the semester. 2. Write down important dates for exams, assignments and other projects on a calendar. 3. Make a weekly or monthly schedule to get an overall picture of when you'll be busiest and when you have free time. 4. Make a task list to keep track of things you need to do on a daily basis. 5. Although some people like to use lots of tools to manage their time, it's not always necessary. Decide on one or two that will help you the most. 6. Use short breaks in your daily schedule (such as an hour between classes) wisely. Schedule appointments on campus, check email or Courselink, or review your class notes. 7. Break large tasks into smaller pieces that can be completed within a few hours (or even a few minutes). 8. Procrastination happens, but don't let it take over your life. Pay attention to what makes you procrastinate and try to avoid these triggers, especially during high stress times. 9. No one can - or wants to - study all the time! Plan your time to include doing things that you enjoy. 10. Be patient and flexible. If certain time management strategies don't work for you, try a different strategy.

Listening and Notetaking
1. Go to class — there's no substitute for the real thing. 2. Find out how you'll be evaluated on the material from lectures. For example, are the lectures based on material from the textbook, or is the content entirely different? 3. Come prepared to class by bringing printed copies of slides or lecture notes. 4. Do assigned readings before the lecture in order to participate in class discussion, better follow the lecture, and ask meaningful questions. 5. Disconnect your internet connection in class or leave your laptop at home. 6. Listen actively by comparing what you hear in the lecture to what you learned in the last lecture, what you read in the textbook, or...
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