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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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For this assignment, you will learn about Alejandro Flores, whose case story is available at  Listen to the Lecture and review the Learning Activity #1

Write a 2 – 3 page paper that addresses the following:
1.  How do Senor Flores, Senora Flores and Dr. Jean view this situation from totally different perspectives? 2.  Why might Senora Flores have chosen to consult an espiritista rather than call the clinic when Alejandro was not getting better? 3.  Which of the normative cultural values described in the Lecture might apply to Alejandro’s case? Please explain.

The Puerto Rican culture has many beliefs involving individual roles within the family. Many believe that the male(s) of the family should work to provide the basic needs of the household: paying rent, bills, paying for groceries, automotive repair, and the like. Similarly, the female(s) of the house should be the primary house keeper and care giver. Familismo holds a large part in the Puerto Rican culture, and the advice of the elder family members is taken very seriously. Religion also plays an integral role in Puerto Rican culture, and some believe illness is the result of sin, punishment, or spiritual discomfort. These beliefs tie together to create culturally diverse situations regarding patients health care, and must be taken into consideration when discussing treatment plans. Senor Flores views this situation from the machismo perspective. His view is to he should be working to provide the means for his family to survive. By taking time off of work to attend Alejandro’s medical appointments, he feels that he is neglecting his cultural responsibility of working hard to meet the needs of his family as a whole. Additionally, he does not believe that the modern treatment has a positive effect on Alejandro’s condition, and he portrays that he would rather allow his mother-in-law to play a more active role in Alejandro’s...